Mascara Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Dramatic Volume Stunning Black 01 (8,5 ml)


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Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara's glossy, long-wear and water resistant formula effortlessly coats lashes to separate, extend and intensify their appearance.The result? All-day lift and curl that won't flake, smudge or dry out. Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara is ophthalmologist tested and safe for use by contact wearers and those with sensitive eyes. How to Use: Cradle to Volumize Use the curved side of the brush "cradling" lashes.
Tamanho8,5 gr.
CorStunning Black 01
DimensõesEmbalagem: 14x 3x 2,5 cm.
PesoEmbalagem: 30 gr.